Where’s Best to Buy Devil May Cry?

With only ten days left before Ninja Theory’s dramatic reboot of Devil May Cry hits store shelves,  you may be thinking where the devil is best to buy Capcom’s fast-paced third-person action game? Well, funnily enough that’s exactly what we’re here for.

We’ve searched around different digital and online retailers extensively weighing up competiting deals, editions and pre-order bonuses, and we’ve come up with a definitive conclusion on where is best to put your money down.

Rather than going for the traditional glossy collector’s edition approach, Capcom hasinstead kept things simple for Devil May Cry’s release with only one regular edition available at retailers. Where the difference comes in is which pre-order bonuses you can secure with your order. The bonuses available from all UK retailers are as follows:

If you get nothing else, be sure to secure Virgil's Downfall with your pre-order.

If you get nothing else, be sure to secure Vergil’s Downfall with your pre-order.

  • Soundtrack CD.
  • Vergil’s Downfall DLC: A new single-player chapter, starring long-time DMC character Vergil, who is the brother of the campaign’s main protagonist Dante.
  • Bone Pack DLC- new weapons transform Dante’s shotgun, scythe and axe into precision crafted bone weapons! Plus access to the orb harvester which allows players to upgrade and enhance Dante’s weapons and combo perks at an increased rate.
  • Golden Pack DLC – golden weapon skins for Dante’s existing weapons set, as well as access to a special item finder instrument.

Shopto.Net and Zavvi are offering the Golden Pack, Bone Pack and Vergil’s Downfall DLC for free with all pre-orders, whereas Amazon are only offering Vergil’s Downfall. The aforementioned single-player DLC is undoubtedly the major selling point for pre-ordering, as it involves playing as Vergil during an exclusive chapter in the campaign bursting with new weapons and combos, however one retailer’s offering stands high above all the others and surprisingly that’s HMV’s.

As well as bundling the Golden Pack, Bone Pack and Vergil’s Downfall content together, HMV are also offering a limited edition soundtrack CD consisting of thirteen tracks from the game. Obviously whether you find this attractive or not will depend entirely on your music tastes, but to give you a flavour of what’s contained on the CD check out the latest trailer for Devil May Cry below.

One last thing, it’s also worth mentioning that if you want the PC version of Devil May Cry it seems as though no retailers are offering the pre-order bonuses as mentioned above. Capcom has yet to confirm whether the Golden, Bone and Vergil’s Downfall DLC will be included for free, but past precedent would suggest otherwise. In addition while the console version is due to arrive on Tuesday, January 15th the PC version has been delayed until Friday, January 25th.

Devil May Cry marks the first big blockbuster release of 2013, and even though it lacks any kind of fancy collector’s edition it’s still worth carefully considering which retailer to place your pre-order at.

To see our complete list of UK retailers please visit our Devil May Cry product page which has up-to date prices for all the retailers by platform and details their bonus offerings.