Where you can order Dead Island: Riptide – Zombie Torso Edition

Okay so the title you see above isn’t the name of Dead Island: Riptide‘s rather crass collector’s edition, but frankly it might as well be. The Zombie Bait Edition caused mass controversy when it was announced last week and even resulted in publisher Deep Silver issuing a public apology to anyone who was offended by its existence. The thing is, that hasn’t stopped the German publisher from actually selling the thing, which is why we’ve put together a special buyer’s guide alerting gamers to which retailers will be stocking them.

All the required information for the Zombie Bait Edition is shown in the linked product page, but if you’d like to see more about what we think about the special edition read-on.

Make sure you order Riptide from the right website to secure your steelcase.

Make sure you order Riptide from the right website to secure your steelcase. We can help with that.

Dead Island: Riptide comes in three different flavours at launch; the regular copy, GAME Exclusive Edition and the Xbox 360-exclusive Zombie Bait Edition. Now the regular edition isn’t being attached to any pre-order bonus DLC, but you can bag yourself a sweet steelbook case if you order from specific retailers, you can find out which are offering them here.

The GAME Exclusive Edition does however feature special DLC bonuses including alternate character skins and a pack of weapon mods. Unfortunately these bonuses aren’t laid out in detail, so we’re hesitant to recommend it wholeheartedly.

Which brings us to the controversial Zombie Bait Edition and its myriad of charms. Undoubtedly the main selling point of this special edition is the bikini-boasting torso coated in a beautiful Union Jack scheme. Now you may have detected a hint of sarcasm in there, but we have no doubts that this set will become a hipster hit – simply because it’s so different to the traditional collector’s editions out there.

However apart from the bloodied torso there’s actually very little to this set, the attached weapon pack and alternative characters skins are attached to GAME’s exclusive set as well as this expensive edition.

If you want this we won't judge you...okay we might.

If you want this we won’t judge you…okay we might.

The only real difference is what Deep Silver call the “Collectors Artwork”, but really that isn’t worth the frankly ludicrous price-point some retailers are offering. The price also varies widly with Gamestop offering the Zombie Bait Edition at the eye-watering tally of £99.97, whereas Zavvi are slightly more respectable with a reduced asking price of £84.95.

You could get all this content, minus the zombie torso, if you just went for the GAME Exclusive Edition of Dead Island: Riptide which costs only £39.99. So effectively you’re paying over double the price for something which your family, partner or dog will compel you to put in the cupboard the moment you free it from its transparent wrapper.

Due to the public outcry that accompanied the Zombie Bait Edition’s unveiling there is a chance that this set will never appear in stores, so it’s worth keeping in that mind if you decide to plonk down a pre-order deposit.