Games Hitting UK Stores This Week, Starring Devil May Cry

The second week of January features even less games than the first with only one game being released this Friday in the UK, but thankfully it’s a doozy! Positive reviews of Devil May Cry are currently spreading furiously all over the internet with a lot of scores making their way into the 8/10, 4/5 or 80% territory.

The consensus is Ninja Theory’s reinvention of this third-person hack-and-slash series is a good one, and there are a multitude of pre-orders for gamers to sift through. Thankfully we’re here to help with that lofty task and here are our considerations.

If you get nothing else, be sure to secure Virgil's Downfall with your pre-order.

If you get nothing else, be sure to secure Virgil’s Downfall with your pre-order.

There are two versions of Devil May Cry currently available, a collector’s set dubbed the Son of Sparda edition and the regular retail edition.

The Devil May Cry: Son of Sparda (not a typo, we checked) edition includes an authentic recreation of Dante’s in-game necklace with the Samurai DLC and a rather fancy box, but it’s not quite worth the £54.95 asking price in our opinion. If you’re caught in two minds you need not worry as the version exclusive to Gamestop is currently out of stock.

That only leaves the regular edition and this is when it gets a little bit complicated. Each retailer is offering various sets of the following DLC, but few of them are bundling together every bit of content:

  • Vergil’s Downfall DLC: A new single-player chapter, starring long-time DMC character Vergil, who is the brother of the campaign’s main protagonist Dante.
  • Bone Pack DLC- new weapons transform Dante’s shotgun, scythe and axe into precision crafted bone weapons! Plus access to the orb harvester which allows players to upgrade and enhance Dante’s weapons and combo perks at an increased rate.
  • Golden Pack DLC – golden weapon skins for Dante’s existing weapons set, as well as access to a special item finder instrument.

Shopto.Net and Zavvi are offering the Golden Pack, Bone Pack and Vergil’s Downfall DLC for free with all pre-orders, whereas Amazon are only offering Vergil’s Downfall. The aforementioned single-player DLC is undoubtedly the major selling point for pre-ordering though, as it involves playing as Vergil during an exclusive chapter in the campaign, bursting with new weapons and combos, however one retailer’s offering stands high above all the others and surprisingly that’s HMV’s.

At least that used to be the case, the music, games and movie specialist was offering a soundtrack CD with all pre-orders of Devil May Cry on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but due to the retailer entering administration has since been taken offline.

That’s why we’re recommending Shopto.Net for this week’s star pre-order spot, as when it comes to Devil May Cry they’re including all pre-order incentive DLC in one bulky pack at no extra cost.

To weigh up the pros and cons for yourself check out both comparison pages for each edition below:

Devil May Cry: Son of Sparda Edition

Devil May Cry (regular edition)

Next week will get a lot busier, we promise!