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This gargantuan map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II features four new multiplayer maps, a new co-op map, a new multiplayer mode and a new weapon.

Revolution’s new game mode ‘Turned’ is perhaps the standout new addition. The last man standing-a-like mode sees one solitary human fighting off zombies who are controlled by other players. If you manage to take the single-human out, you then become the lone survivor struggling against the bloated enemy numbers to stay alive. A new co-op zombie map has also been added to the game, titled ‘Skyrise’.

The Peacekeeper SMG is also set to turn some heads, as the bonus weapon represents the first time the Call of Duty has ever expanded the game’s arsenal via DLC. The assault rifle/SMG hybrid is a powerful new addition which while effective, doesn’t upset the balance of the existing weapon line-up too much.

The four new maps included in this Revolution bundle also take Black Ops II multiplayer in some new directions. There’s ‘Downhill’ which is a large map with long sightlines set in and around a French Alps ski-lodge. Next there’s ‘Hydro’ which is set on a fully functional hydroelectric dam, where players can flood the map killing all unfortunate enough to be in the raging water’s path. The third addition ‘Mirage’ pits players against each other in a luxury resort which has been wrecked by a sandstorm from the Gobi desert. And finally there’s the delightfully Tony Hawk-inspired ‘Grind’ which takes place in a skate park full to the brim with half-pipes and curved edges to eliminate corner camping.

The Revolution DLC pack can either be purchased on its own for 1200 Microsoft Points or via The Call of Duty Season Pass which is priced at 4000 Microsoft Points. This content will debut exclusively for Xbox 360 on January 29th, with PlayStation 3 and PC platforms set to get the pack at a later date.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution DLC is released on Tuesday 29 January 2013

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