About Us

PreOrder IQ is a website and service for gamers. While the service has a B2B end for generating pricing information for publishers, the same information is invaluable to savvy gamers looking to get the most suitable deal on any given new game.

Is PreOrder-IQ.com a price comparison website? This is the most common question we are asked, and the answer is “yes, but…”. PreOrder IQ does have the prices for upcoming games from a wide variety of UK retailers, but unlike other price comparison websites, as we’re gamers ourselves, we understand that price alone is not enough information to make an informed buying decision. That’s why, when we designed PreOrder IQ, we tried to think of all the different features we’d want in a preorder site.

Where a game has different editions (Standard, Collector’s, etc), each edition has its own page, and the editions are linked together. Where an edition is available on different platforms, we show the prices for each retailer for each platform. On each page, you’ll then see tick boxes for the platforms the game is available on – if there’s a platform you’re not interested in (say, PC), you can un-check it and it will disappear from the list. Then on the top right, you’ll see that there is a handy table showing all the platforms you’ve selected, with their prices and whether there is a pre-order bonus from that retailer. Hover over the retailer to see who it is, over the bonus for a brief description, and click the buy button to go directly to that page on the retailer’s site to buy the game.

You can order the games in that table by price or bonus, if you want to quickly see what extras retailers are offering. You can also filter for one platform, just by using the drop down menu.

If you’ve got this far, you’ll have noticed that we mentioned bonuses. Pre-order bonuses, whether in-game items or special extras like collector’s tins, are a large point of differentiation between retailers. As gamers we know that while one retailer might be a pound or two more expensive, if the bonus is good it might be worth it which is why traditional price comparison sites don’t work for gamers. PreOrder IQ solves this by us putting the grunt work in, and researching by hand each retailer to see what the bonus they are offering is.

For the first time ever, and the only place anywhere, you can now get all the information on pricing and offerings for a pre-order game in one place and on one page, so you can make the decision as to who offers you the best deal in one go, saving you time and the potential anguish of being disappointed that you’d missed out something extra that you didn’t know was being offered.

You’ll also see that we’ve added extra features, like the email alert service. If there’s a game you’re interested in, but it’s more expensive than you are prepared to pay, you can set a price limit and sign up, and we’ll email you if any retailer brings their price down to the one you’ve set.

We also know that information is king for making an informed gaming purchase, which is why we’ve partnered with GamerZines to give you a free digital games magazine. FirstLook magazine is a completely free, professionally produced, games magazine with previews and details of upcoming games, so you can read about the games you are interested in before deciding whether to buy them. When you’ve chosen a game, PreOrder IQ is here to make sure you get the deal that best suits you!