Wolfenstein Preorders

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a big budget return for Wolfenstein promising a brilliant campaign story set in an alternate history. PreOrders gain future access to the upcoming Doom beta, but where's the best place to buy it? There's masses of savings to be had on all versions if you pick the right retailer, and we've scoured the lot for you!

Wolfenstein PreOrder Deals

Haemimont Games brilliant dictator sim series Tropico returns this May with all the fanfare, sunshine and samba music that you'd expect. The fifth entry brings a wealth of new features to the franchise's comedic island management gameplay, including multiple historical eras, the ability for players to form their own political dynasty and most excitingly of all, multiplayer. Tropico 5 is also the first in the series to debut on Sony's PlayStation 4, in addition to PC and Xbox 360.

Your subjects won't know what hit 'em...

Tropico 5 PreOrders

Elder Scrolls Online Preorders

The Elder Scrolls Online is the MMORPG we've all been waiting for! There are various different editions and each one is available from many different retailers, so you need to use PreOrder IQ to ensure that you get the best deal. You can save yourself up to £20 on the standard edition by checking the prices with us first!

Elder Scrolls Online PreOrders

Carbine Studios debut MMORPG is unlike anything out there at the moment, placing an emphasis on fun, frivolity and humour at the centre of every aspects its sci-fi design. In Wildstar players venture to a new planet named Nexus as part of either Exile or Dominion forces in an effort to search out treasures left behind by an ancient and powerful race known only as the Eldan, who have mysteriously vanished. This monthly fee MMORPG features all the aspects you'd expect from a top-tier release including player housing, competitive PvP, a massive open world to explore, and more mount options than you can shake a hoverboard at.

Wildstar PreOrder Offers

Ubisoft's upcoming open world action title, Watch_Dogs, has been running a brilliant series of PR stunts which has helped it garner a lot of pre-order interest. But which edition do you choose? There are (count them!) 6 different editions of this game available, and in some cases as much as £35 difference on one edition versus another between retailers, so you need PreOrder-IQ now more than ever! Get the best Watch_Dogs pre-order deals here!

Watch_Dogs PreOrder Offers

Respawn Entertainment's debut game is fast becoming the most anticipated launch of 2014, boasting unique mech-enhanced combat and neat 6vs6 multiplayer skirmishes which might just give Call of Duty a run for its money in the fast-paced shooty-shooty stakes. With an expensive yet undeniably awesome (and we mean that in the true sense of the word) collector's edition and an assortment of special editions, expect the name Titanfall to be on everyone's lips when it launches this March.

Titanfall PreOrder Offers

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